Geneva Presbyterian Preschool teachers use published curricula to develop lesson plans for their classes. Lesson plans are posted in the classrooms on the parent information boards.  The Curricula used may include Foundations for Success for the 2 year olds and Links to Early Learning for 3 year olds. Teachers have freedom to tailor the curriculum to the needs and interests of the class.

Geneva Presbyterian Preschool will also be teaching children about Christ and how He would have us live.  We draw inspiration from the ultimate source:  the Bible!  Christian values are taught daily using Bible stories through activities at Circle time, in the music we sing, in the prayers we say, and WEEKLY devotions.

Our Program Goals

St Johns Fl Preschool Geneva Presbyterian PreSchool


 understand that God loves them

 understand that Jesus is God’s son

 use prayer to express their thoughts and needs to God

 share with others about God, Jesus, and the Bible

 know that God created the world

 display Godly character traits (politeness, faith, thankfulness, kindness, obedience, love, generosity, perseverance, respect, and courage)

St Johns Fl Preschool Geneva Presbyterian PreSchool



 be able to engage with others in learning activities, including the ability to explore, create, experiment, observe, plan, analyze, reason, investigate, and question

 initiate investigation as a result of carefully observing their surroundings

 enjoy creative expression

St Johns Fl Preschool Geneva Presbyterian PreSchool

Social/ Emotional

 value familial relationships and understand the importance of obeying parents and teachers

 learn to separate from parents without emotional upset

 begin to learn the art of sharing

 begin to show empathy and kindness

 develop self-confidence

 begin to exhibit self-control

 use language to express needs, feelings, and frustrations

 demonstrate responsibility for behavior and for personal belongings

St Johns Fl Preschool Geneva Presbyterian PreSchool


 understand math vocabulary, concepts, and directed activities

St Johns Fl Preschool Geneva Presbyterian PreSchool

Language and Literacy

 understand the importance and use of language in the environment

 have cultivated pre-writing skills in the context of emergent literacy

 be aware of different letter sounds

  • Can recognize almost all letters when named (e.g., when shown a group of letters, can accurately identify the letter that is named)
  • Can name some letter sounds (e.g., when shown a letter, can accurately say the sound the letter makes)
St Johns Fl Preschool Geneva Presbyterian PreSchool


 acquire and refine the fundamental movements of balance and movement

 acquire and develop fine motor skills

 recognize that their body is created by God, and they will take special responsibility to care for it

These are general goals for our program.  We have more specific goals and benchmarks that are age specific and based on developmental standards.  

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